Journal Publications

Learning Terrain-Aware Kinodynamic Model for Autonomous Off-Road Rally Driving With Model Predictive Path Integral Control [RA-L/ICRA’24]
Authors: Hojin Lee*, Taekyung Kim*, Jungwi Mun, Wonsuk Lee
Self-Supervised 3D Traversability Estimation with Proxy Bank Guidance [IEEE Access]
Authors: Jihwan Bae*, Junwon Seo*, Taekyung Kim, Hae-gon Jeon, Kiho Kwak, Inwook Shim
ScaTE: A Scalable Framework for Self-Supervised Traversability Estimation in Unstructured Environments [RA-L/IROS’23]
Authors: Junwon Seo*, Taekyung Kim*, Kiho Kwak, Jihong Min, Inwook Shim
Smooth Model Predictive Path Integral Control without Smoothing [RA-L/IROS‘22]
Authors: Taekyung Kim, Gyuhyun Park, Kiho Kwak, Jihwan Bae, Wonsuk Lee
TOAST: Trajectory Optimization and Simultaneous Tracking Using Shared Neural Network Dynamics [RA-L/IROS’22]
Authors: Taekyung Kim*, Hojin Lee*, Seongil Hong, Wonsuk Lee
An Open-Source Low-Cost Mobile Robot System with an RGB-D Camera and Efficient Real-Time Navigation Algorithm [IEEE Access]
Authors: Taekyung Kim*, Seunghyun Lim*, Gwanjun Shin, Geonhee Sim, Dongwon Yun
Curriculum Learning for Vehicle Lateral Stability Estimations [IEEE Access]
Authors: Jihwan Bae*, Taekyung Kim*, Wonsuk Lee, Inwook Shim
Improved Environment Recognition Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicle Control [Journal of Auto-vehicle Safety Association]
Authors: Inhwan Bae*, Yeonghoo Kim*, Taekyung Kim*, et al.

Peer Reviewed Conference Publications

METAVerse: Meta-Learning Traversability Cost Map for Off-Road Navigation [IROS’24]
Authors: Junwon Seo, Taekyung Kim, Seongyong Ahn, Kiho Kwak
Bridging Active Exploration and Uncertainty-Aware Deployment Using Probabilistic Ensemble Neural Network Dynamics [RSS’23]
Authors: Taekyung Kim*, Jungwi Mun*, Junwon Seo, Beomsu Kim, Seongil Hong
Safe Navigation in Unstructured Environments by Minimizing Uncertainty in Control and Perception [RSS’23 Workshop on Inference and Decision Making for Autonomous Vehicles (IDMAV)]
Authors: Junwon Seo, Jungwi Mun, Taekyung Kim
Physics Embedded Neural Network Vehicle Model and Applications in Risk-Aware Autonomous Driving Using Latent Features [IROS’22]
Authors: Taekyung Kim*, Hojin Lee*, Wonsuk Lee

Selected Conference Posters and Presentations

Convex Optimization based Robust Optimal Control for Autonomous Vehicle [Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS)] Best Paper Award (Top 2.17 %)
Authors: Seongil Hong, Gyuhyun Park, Taekyung Kim, Jungwi Mun
Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Driving with Path Integral Control Using Pre-optimized Prior [Asian Control Conference (ASCC)]
Authors: Yongjae Kim, Wonsuk Lee, Taekyung Kim, Jungwi Mun

Works Under Review

Visibility-Aware RRT* for Safety-Critical Navigation of Perception-Limited Robots in Unknown Environments
Authors: Taekyung Kim, Dimitra Panagou