Paper on indoor mobile robot navigation is accepted to IEEE Access

Nov. 2022
I am very happy to share that our paper on navigation system for low-cost indoor mobile robot is accepted to IEEE Access 2022. This was the first academic paper that I wrote at college, and was rejected for several times. But after continuous revisions, this work becomes more academically sound and finally finds its place!
An Open-Source Low-Cost Mobile Robot System with an RGB-D Camera and Efficient Real-Time Navigation Algorithm
Taekyung Kim*, Seunghyun Lim*, Gwanjun Shin, Geonhee Sim, Dongwon Yun
Abstract: Currently, mobile robots are developing rapidly and are finding numerous applications in the industry. However, several problems remain related to their practical use, such as the need for expensive hardware and high power consumption levels. In this study, we build a low-cost indoor mobile robot platform that does not include a LiDAR or a GPU. Then, we design an autonomous navigation architecture that guarantees real-time performance on our platform with an RGB-D camera and a low-end off-the-shelf single board computer. The overall system includes SLAM, global path planning, ground segmentation, and motion planning. The proposed ground segmentation approach extracts a traversability map from raw depth images for the safe driving of low-body mobile robots. We apply both rule-based and learning-based navigation policies using the traversability map. Running sensor data processing and other autonomous driving components simultaneously, our navigation policies perform rapidly at a refresh rate of 18Hz for control command, whereas other systems have slower refresh rates. Our methods show better performances than current state-of-the-art navigation approaches within limited computation resources as shown in 3D simulation tests. In addition, we demonstrate the applicability of our mobile robot system through successful autonomous driving in an indoor environment.